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B Grade Share a Paopu Fruit (Both Halves Included) Acrylic Charms
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B Grade Share a Paopu Fruit (Both Halves Included) Acrylic Charms

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Reasons for B Grading:
B Grading can be due to one or a variety of reasons. This can include (but is not limited to) errors in the acrylic itself, scratches on the front or back, oldness of piece, misalignment of pieces on the backing, or small chips in the acrylic itself. B Grades are sold as-is and cannot be returned. B Grades cannot be guaranteed for which errors will occur or how many of them. B Grades, unlike C Grades, are usually small imperfections that are not noticeable at a short distance but only up close.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

They say if you split a paopu with someone you love, you're destined to be together forever. YOU GET BOTH HALVES WITH ONE ORDER.

This listing is for a 2" laser-cut acrylic necklace (in two parts). 2 x 18" chain are included if you select the necklace option. The whole piece (except for the leaf accessory) is double faced with a layer of gold acrylic on the back for stability. It also measures about 1/4" in width. Both sections of the charm are included in the order, and you can select either necklace or keychain on the side panel!

Engraving/personalization is not included with your order, and is an additional fee. The backing will be blank if you do not select the personalized rate. If you select add on initial engraving, note that it is limited to three characters per side! That means six total. No messages will be allowed. The fourth photo shows how the engravings will look on the back. Please include the engravings you would like in the Note To Seller section of checkout!

Want to send half to someone else? You can purchase an additional shipment to get it sent directly to them here: 

I cut all the acrylic myself, at home, with a hobby laser. I also make all templates myself using a vector program. All of the acrylic used is mirrored, so it is very hard to photograph. This means that some of the color might be distorted and is why I have provided multiple angles. The photographs really don't do them justice, they are much more beautiful in person.

All of my listings are shipped with tracking and insurance included!

I do a lot of acrylic work, so please view my other listings! Thank you!