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B and C Grades of metal and acrylic work. Also charm and card packs!


Discontinued Fire Emblem Roy's Binding Blade Acrylic Necklace or Keychain


B Grade XB1 Shulk's Monado I in Metal and Enamel as Necklace Keychain or Pin


B Grade Blazblue Swords in Acrylic as Necklace


B Grade Tales of Vesperia Dein Nomos Acrylic Necklace or Keychain


B Grade Fate Saber's Excalibur Acrylic Necklace or Keychain


Discontinued Air Gear Pins


Discontinued Overwatch Ultimate Symbols in Acrylic as Keychains


Discontinued Sailor Star Wand Mercury Mars Jupiter or Venus Necklace


B Grade Share a Paopu Fruit (Both Halves Included) Acrylic Charms