All handmade orders take 1-2 weeks to make a ship.

All metal and premade charms ship same week.

Misc Video Games

Elden Ring Note Meme Acrylic Handmade Keychain Charm


Share a Paopu Fruit (Both Halves Included) Acrylic Necklace or Keyring


Animal Crossing Card with or without NFC Chip


Okami Divine Retribution Handmade Acrylic Necklace


Transistor Sword Acrylic Necklace or Keychain


Animal Crossing Brewster Cookie Cutter


Fate Kanshou and Bakuya Archer Swords Acrylic Necklace or Keychain


Elden Ring Flask of Crimson or Cerulean Tears Acrylic Handmade Charm as Necklace or Keychain


Dragon Quest Erdrick's Sword and Shield Acrylic Necklace or Keychain