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2nd Iteration XC2 Pneuma Aegis Blade in Enamel and Metal
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2nd Iteration XC2 Pneuma Aegis Blade in Enamel and Metal

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These blades had a different positioning on the back ring (where the necklace/keychain goes) and no art stamp. These were remainders from the old stock, nothing is wrong with them.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

This listing is for an approximately 4inch long by 1.5inch wide metal piece with hard enamel inlays. It is silver plated and features recessed metal and cut outs. The design features white and black hard enamel, and teal pearl enamel. This updated iteration has the ring back moved higher up, updated enamel and plating, and my artist stamp on the back.

♥ For the necklace/keychain, there is a hole on the back of the piece that the necklace or keychain is placed onto. For the necklace, the chain goes through the hole and is attached with a locking jump ring. The necklace included is an adjustable 20 to 24 inch silver plated chain with lobster clasp, and is a costume chain (meaning it can rust over time when exposed to water and sweat). For the keychain, a larger jump ring is attached and then the dangle keychain is hung from there.

♥ For the pin, there are two silver butterfly pins on the back for proper adherence and stability.

This is plated metal. As such, it is very strong and can scratch things like phone screens. Be advised, as with any metal/enamel pin, that even under extreme stress it can break.

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