This page lists the most frequently asked questions. Updated weekly!

  • What are your pieces made of? They're made of different kinds of acrylic! Some are mirror, some are opaque, some have a brushed look, some are cast, some are extruded. Each product description lists the acrylic used in the piece. Some, but very few, of my pieces are metal and are made by a manufacturer. 
  • Do you handmake your items? Half and half. The laser cuts out all of the pieces, but I design everything by hand and assemble everything myself! I do have my partner, George, apprenticing under me on the assembly front though!
  • How do you care for acrylic? Simply, you shouldn't really need to wash it. You can wipe off smudges and things with a microfiber cloth if you'd like! Please do not use liquid cleaners on them, and do not submerge or come in contact with large amounts of water with the piece. My acrylics are not annealed and can cause fissures (known as crazing) if exposed to liquids of any kind.
  • Do you accept refunds or exchanges? Currently, due to the ongoing pandemic, I do not accept any refunds or exchanges. You have 48hrs from purchase to correct your order in the event of a mistaken purchase. However, in cases of personalization (Paopu Fruit, etc) if the product is made it cannot be changed thereafter. Please be 100% of your order before placing it.
  • I want x product but it's sold out, when do you restock? Restock times vary. Some products are limited release, and may or may not release again in the future. If the product will be restocked, there will be a date at the top of the Sold Out listing with the next restock date and time. All times are in EST. If it does not have a date, it will not be restocked in the near future (it could come back again but is not guaranteed). You can request anything without a date as a commission, but it is a higher cost than the list price if it is discontinued.
  • I was checking out and something I had in my cart is sold out and now it's gone! Why did you do that?! I'm sorry, but my cart system does not currently offer hold periods. If you want something that might sell out, I recommend being exactly on time for listing times. That being said, you can still message me for a commission of that item but it will be more expensive than list price.
  • What are your commission fees and how can I commission you? I do offer commissions, please fill out the form here: please note I have a very long commission list and am usually months out from taking more slots.
  • What kind of laser do you have? I just upgraded to a Trotec Speedy 300. 
  • Is this your job or do you do something else? This is my full time job!