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Thank you for your interest in our engraved acrylic plate commissions! Here are some rules, restrictions, general fees, and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Our commissions are based on in game screenshots. We are not hand drawing your character. You will need to pose your character and take appropriate screen shots in daylight level lighting to ensure maximum detail. Pose any way you like, as long as it will look good in your selected plate shape. Regular character commissions are $200 and include base/cord but do not include shipping. We do allow couple's commissions for an additional $75.
  • We offer a posing service for an additional $25, which includes a 'photo shoot' in game! Four looks will be sent to you for approval of one to become rendered.
  • We do allow the selection of NPCs instead of your own character, however the process is the same.
  • The two current plate shapes are nonagon (left) and heptagon (right). They are both 9.5 inches tall but vary in width. You can choose your plate shape, but we might recommend a different shape if your chosen screenshot will not fit appropriately.
  • We also offer a photo frame light base. The frame contains LEDs the same as the base but would be a rectangular shape instead
  • You should have a dropbox, imgur, or other file container with several screenshots. This will facilitate us choosing the best screenshot for render. You can also do a variety of poses, and we can let you know which one would look best if you would like our input.
  • All engravings are blasted at 1000dpi for clarity. Older samples were blasted between 500-600 and produced different results, so we will be sticking to 1000 unless you stipulate otherwise. Working in 500-600 can increase the variety of greys we can create, but they are created in a stipple pattern and may not be to your liking.
  • You will have choice of effect for your piece. Effects currently include petals, bokeh, and maple leaves falling. The initial prototypes did not include much of this effect, but there will be a heavier hand with this effect going forward to reduce negative space. You can always choose to remove part of this effect in the template stage if you feel it is too much.
  • We will no longer allow minions to be added due to difficulty incorporating them into the design.
  • Character names are not an additional fee, and can be situated anywhere in the negative space of the piece.
In order to facilitate understanding, here is our process and important dates to remember
    1. Step one is to send in a request via the Google Form available here:

    2. Once we receive your request, you go into our commissions queue. Please note, for privacy reasons, the commission queue is not visible to the public. However you will be emailed within a week of your request to confirm that your request has been received.

    3. Once your piece comes up in queue, you will be emailed to discuss details. This includes confirming that you wish to proceed and that your screenshots are still valid. All details will be ironed out in this process and will be hard set unless un-accomplishable.

    4. After we have settled the details, you will be sent a photoshop mockup of your piece. This is to confirm your details in a visual presentation. Once confirmed, half payment is due for your commission.

    5. After payment is made, the rendering will start. It takes about one week to finish, but could take longer if you selected a lot of extras. Once the process is finished, you will receive another email showing you the mockup in vector. Upon confirming this mockup, the rest of the payment is due, including shipping.

    6. Once you have confirmed the mockup, it will take a few days to a week to engrave your piece. After it is cut and engraved, you will receive a photo of your finished piece as final authorization before shipment.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to email me with the contact form above. Thank you for your interest!