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FFXIV Ascian Glyphs in Acrylic as Pins or Necklaces


Elden Ring Note Meme Acrylic Handmade Keychain Charm


XB:DE Alvis (Ontos) Core in Acrylic on Choker or Necklace


FFXIV Emet-Selch Glyph Cosplay Mask or Display


FFXIV Menphina's Earring in Acrylic Clip-on, Post, or Keychain


XBC1 Shulk's Monado I Acrylic Necklace or Keychain 2021 Redesign


XC2 Mythra Aegis Blade Enamel Metal as Necklace Keychain or Pin


FFXIV Hydaelyn or Zodiark Aetheryte Earring in Acrylic Clip-on or Post


FFXIV Mask of the Ancients in Acrylic as Necklace or Keychain