Equip your ears! Post or clip ons available!


XC:DE Alvis' or Ontos' Core in Metal as Necklace Keychain or Earring


FFXIV Menphina's Earring in Acrylic Clip-on, Post, or Keychain


XC2 Pyra and Mythra Aegis Earrings as Posts or Clip-ons


FFXIV Hydaelyn or Zodiark Aetheryte Earring in Acrylic Clip-on or Post


Acquaint and Intertwined Fate from Genshin Impact as Acrylic Necklace or Earring


Lio Fotia Promare Earring Set in Acrylic Option of Clip-On or Post


Bayonetta 3 Cereza's Earrings as Posts or Clip-ons


90s Glow Up Star and Moon Earrings Halloween 2021 Collection


Heart Cat Paw as Metal and Enamel Necklace Keychain or Earrings