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Discontinued XC2 Pneuma Whole Core Necklace or Keychain in Acrylic
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Discontinued XC2 Pneuma Whole Core Necklace or Keychain in Acrylic

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This piece is discontinued as it appears here, with the thicker teal pearl backing. Alternate colorways are available, but this is the final sale of this specific colorway/backing. 

Original listing (for sizing and details):

Pneuma's Everyday Core is available in two options, either whole or incomplete. The whole one is obviously the full piece while the incomplete is missing Rex's Core.

Available as your choice of either a necklace or keychain. The sizing is 1.14in wide by 2.16in tall and .3125in (5/16) thick. It features a silver mirror surround with teal mirror inside and a black piano opaque inlay in the middle. The backing is a very thick teal pearlescent acrylic with core engraving, making it extremely durable. The pearl changes through the sheet, so each pattern will be different on the back.

The necklace length included is an adjustable 20 to 24 inch necklace.

This piece can easily be a keychain due to the thickness of the backing itself. As always however, acrylic is a form of plastic and can break under heavy use. Please be aware.

This listing is for Pneuma's Everyday Core only, however there is a Pneuma Complete Core also available. Please check it out!


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