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B Grade XC2 Malos Everyday Core in Acrylic
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B Grade XC2 Malos Everyday Core in Acrylic

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This was the old core style featuring the purple pearlescent acrylic backing. 

Reasons for B Grading:
B Grading can be due to one or a variety of reasons. This can include (but is not limited to) plating scratches, miscolored enamel areas, particles in the enamel, erroneous plating color, or enamel outside of the designed areas. B Grades are sold as-is and cannot be returned. B Grades cannot be guaranteed for which errors will occur or how many of them. B Grades, unlike C Grades, are usually small imperfections that are not noticeable at a short distance but only up close.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

Please check out my cores in metal here.

On your feet, kid ♥

Malos's Everyday Core is available as either a necklace or keychain. The sizing is 1.14in wide by 2.16in tall and .25in (1/4) thick. It features a gold mirror surround with purple mirror inside. The backing is a purple pearlescent acrylic with core engraving, which is thinner than the other pearl backings but still durable. The pearl changes through the sheet, so each pattern will be different on the back.

The necklace length included is an adjustable 20 to 24 inch necklace.

This piece can easily be a keychain, but it is not as thick of a piece as the others due to the purple pearl being thinner than the other pearls. As always however, acrylic is a form of plastic and can break under heavy use. Please be aware.

This listing is for Malos's Everyday Core only, however there are sets also available. Please check them out!