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Shiny Star Rewards Program!

A FAQ about my rewards program.

Starting 1 September 2021, I began the shiny star rewards program for my store. Here are some basics concerning the program and how to redeem your stars.


  • Any order of $25 or more will get a holographic star sticker in the order. For each $25 you spend, you'll receive more stickers! Up to 4 stickers will be given per order, so if you spend $55 you'll get 2 stickers, but a $125 order will only get 4 stickers.


  • Stars are made of holographic sticker paper of varying colors, and the colors and amounts of stickers are recorded on your account.


  • Your first package over $25 will also receive a large rewards card with care instructions for acrylic pieces. Please retain this card to adhere your stickers to! If you lose your card, I can send you a new one but cannot send you new stickers. If you lose the stickers, there will not be a replacement sent.


  • Orders only qualify if they are $25 before tax and shipping fees. It cannot be $21 plus the $4 shipping. There is a special section during standard checkout (not through Paypal Express, only through standard checkout) to add a tip to your order. So if you have an item that is $21 and add a $4 tip to your order, you will receive a sticker for that order.


  • All stickers are recorded on your account, and any attempt to fraudulently claim star rewards will result in a ban from the rewards program.


  • Once your card is full, you can redeem 10 star stickers for an item $30 or less, shipping included (includes domestic and international)!


  • Please take a photo of your card and send it via email to me at clinkorz at gmail dot com for authorization and prize selection.


  • It may take up to two weeks for your prize to be made and shipped.


  • You can combine stars with another person if you choose, but both of you must submit verification photos and consent to combine cards. Accumulated stars will be wiped from both accounts once this process is complete.


  • You can combine more than one card to get a higher priced item. If you would like to wait until you have 20 stickers, you can get an item worth $60 or less. This can stack infinitely but a redemption is available for only ONE item at a time. So 20 stickers can't get you three pieces at $20 each, it is only one item $60 or less for 20 stickers.

Have any more questions? Feel free to contact me using the contact page above!