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Due to confusion with some of my commissions, I have written out a few answers to frequently asked questions, as well as guidelines for commissions proceeding forward. Please read in entirety to make sure we're on the same page!

  • Commission quotes are based on the detailed description written in your initial pitch email. If you want different details, or more work included, the quote will change to match. The quote is not guaranteed if the details are changed.

  • Commissions are not guaranteed to be one-off designs. Most of the time, I will make more of the design at a future time. If you want your commission to be one of a kind, there is special pricing involved. Please articulate this in your initial request, but if you do not tick the box please state this in an email prior to the start date. I have the right to refuse any work that is one-of-a-kind and likewise, a work cannot be made one-of-a-kind once it is completed.

  • Please provide relevant reference material to avoid excessive prototyping. If one reference shows a circle and one shows an oval, you need to explicitly state which shape you are going for. If you provide reference material and want different details not shown, you will incur an extra fee for new prototyping for withholding the information required.

  • Acrylic comes in a wide variety of colors, however colors are limited to what I have on hand. Acrylic mirror is only available in about 16 different colors. Colors may not be 100% true to reference due to this limitation. It is assumed that I will pick the colors most closely resembling the reference material. I can order some custom colors of opaque/solid acrylics, but you must pay the full sheet price for the custom color because I do not stock the color regularly.

  • Once a prototype is made, small details can be changed but the majority cannot be. Please make sure your references are firm before proceeding. Keep in mind that many proportions have to be changed in order to work for acrylic.

  • Please respond to emails within 24 hours. Timelines drag out when communication goes low for days on end. I need to turn these around relatively quickly to keep on schedule, so if communication is lacking your commission will be pushed back to when my schedule can accommodate.

  • The acrylic stages are as follows: Initial inquiry email, supposed start date, actual start date (payment due at this time), templating, prototyping, finalization. 

    1. The initial inquiry email will state how I plan to render the piece and with what colors I presume will be used. Very little changes from this email unless you stipulate otherwise so please thoroughly read the email and propose any changes, including colors, in the follow up email. Remember that color choices are limited, and I will fulfill requests to the best of my ability.

    2. The supposed start date can move forward or back depending on other work that I have. Some commissions take longer and will push back the start date. I have a cushion between each commission, so I might take your commission early if timing allows. You can, of course, ask that your commission not start until the supposed start date and someone else will be bumped up in line.

    3. The actual start date is when payment is due. This is payment in full, I do not accept half unless it is over $100 for the commission. You will receive an email one week ahead of the start of templating to finalize that you want to move forward, and to also finalize the design idea. 

    4. Templating is the physical rendering of the idea in vector format. Most of the time, I do not show the actual template unless design changes are necessary. This is because vectors can be easily ripped from screenshots, so unless they are completely necessary I will not show this step of the process.

    5. Once the template is finalized, I will start prototyping. Usually, there is only one prototype. However, if small details need to be changed included sizing or proportions, there will be further prototypes. If the references have been firm, there usually is not an additional fee for prototyping. However, if details were left out (i.e. required sizing, different acrylic colors, design details not shown in references or articulated via email) additional prototyping can result in an additional fee depending on the amount of work necessary to change the design. Prototypes are shown un-epoxied to avoid unnecessary work if a second prototype is needed.

    6. Finalization is a firm 'okay' from you to ship. You will need to authorize if you would rather a necklace or keyring in this email. I will send you photo of the finished, epoxied piece completely cleaned and set. Please make sure to respond to this email in a timely manner so that the piece can be shipped in regular shipment.

  • Final design details are left to my discretion. Acrylic is a very brittle medium, and as such extremely fine details are usually not able to be rendered. Please understand that I will do what I can to make the design look true while adhering to the demands of the medium.

  • If you have further questions please email prior to start to avoid any confusion. Thank you!