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Prototype XC2 Pneuma and Mythra X Core in Metal as Keychain
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Prototype XC2 Pneuma and Mythra X Core in Metal as Keychain

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This was a test with a different factory that did not go well and did not produce the color I wanted. There are slight differences between this and the final because they were produced by different factories. Only a keychain is available.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

The sizing is 1 1/8in wide by 2 1/8in tall. It is made of gold plated polished metal with a teal transparent enamel and black enamel. It also features my artist stamp on the back.

Because of the polished plated metal, scratches can happen on the surface. These are superficial and usually only appear on the back. This metal is waterproof, but the plating is thin. If it is constantly exposed to water it can deteriorate and the plating will come off over time. It is recommended with all plated metal to not wear it in the shower or into the pool, etc.

I have more cores available to please check them out!