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Discontinued XC2 Large size Rex Core Crystal in Acrylic
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Discontinued XC2 Large size Rex Core Crystal in Acrylic

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Reasons for sale price:

I am discontinuing these sizes of the Rex core and no longer offer this backing. As such I would like to get these out of my store to free up space. There is nothing wrong with these pieces. They are only the Cosplay Rex and Statement Rex pieces.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

This listing is for either of three options: 

  1. Cosplay Rex- This size is 2 inches long, by 1.5 inches wide, by 5/16inch thick. It features two magnets, one embedded and one sent to you in the package separately, to easily put the acrylic on any piece that will support it. Cosplay Rex is very light and will only drag down very lightweight fabrics.
  2. Statement Rex - This size is the same as Cosplay Rex but features an attachment hole to function as either a necklace or a keychain.
  3. Casual Rex - This size is 1.5 inches long, by 1.1 inches wide, by 5/16 inch thick. This comes as either a necklace, keyring, or magnet. The magnet size of Casual Rex fits perfectly into Cosplay size Mythra and Pyra!
Each piece is made with teal mirror, the same as Mythra and Pyra. However Rex is back-faced with teal pearlescent acrylic (the same as my Pneuma aegis blade)

You may select the keychain option but you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. These pieces have very small pieces epoxied to them, which if put under stress can be damaged. I recommend only getting them as necklaces however.

I cut all the acrylic myself, at home, with a hobby laser. I also make all templates myself using a vector program. Most of the acrylic used is mirrored, so it is very hard to photograph. This means that some of the color might be distorted and is why I have provided multiple angles. The photographs really don't do them justice, they are much more beautiful in person.

All of my listings are shipped with tracking and insurance included!

I do have the other fandoms and acrylic pieces. Please view my other listings! Thank you!


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