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B Grade 1st Iteration XC:DE Alvis' or Ontos' Core in Metal and Enamel
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B Grade 1st Iteration XC:DE Alvis' or Ontos' Core in Metal and Enamel

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Reasons for B Grading:
B Grading can be due to one or a variety of reasons. This can include (but is not limited to) plating scratches, miscolored enamel areas, particles in the enamel, erroneous plating color, or enamel outside of the designed areas. B Grades are sold as-is and cannot be returned. B Grades cannot be guaranteed for which errors will occur or how many of them. B Grades, unlike C Grades, are usually small imperfections that are not noticeable at a short distance but only up close.

Original listing (for sizing and details):

Ontos' Core is available as either a necklace, keychain, or earring. The sizing is 1 1/8in wide by 2 1/8in tall. It is made of gold plated polished metal with a red transparent enamel over a polished texture. The gold dangles are plated metal also and attached with jump rings.

If you choose the necklace option, the necklace provided is a 20 inch gold color chain (gold plated brass chain) that features an extender to make it up to 24 inches.  Please be advised that these chains are plated and will deteriorate with time, however these new extendable versions have additional protectants added to increase longevity.

The gold dangles on this piece are attached with small jump rings, please be advised that rough handling of a keychain could result in them detaching from the piece and falling off as they are not permanently affixed. 

Because of the polished plated metal, scratches can happen on the surface. These are superficial and usually only appear on the back. This metal is waterproof, but the plating is thin. If it is constantly exposed to water it can deteriorate and the plating will come off over time. It is recommended with all plated metal to not wear it in the shower or into the pool, etc.


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